Learning the alphabet is key for a child to be a successful reader and writer, and necessary in understanding the basics of the English language.  It may seem like a simple task of singing the ABC’s, but involves more complex aspects including letter sounds, letter names, and correct formation of letters.  All of these aspects combined are essential for alphabet mastery, and a key part of instruction for Kindergarten students.  Not only will successful alphabet instruction provide the building blocks for reading and writing in the future, it increases a child’s phonemic awareness.  With phonemic awareness a child has the ability to recognize and manipulate individual sounds, which will increase their ability to read and spell words in the future.

In order to master the alphabet, a child needs to have various opportunities to encounter and practice the sounds a letter makes, the name of the letter, and proper formation of the letter.  When given a variety of different activities built around a letter, a child is provided with the necessary practice as well as an interesting learning experience.  Within this project there are a variety of activities and lessons for each letter, including the use of technology.  Students are able to participate in both whole group learning as well as individual learning, which allows them to succeed at their own rate but also provide teacher scaffolding.

Since students also learn and master skills at their own rate, this project is designed to be adjusted as needed for teachers and students.  Each letter of the alphabet is set up with five days of instruction, which can easily be adjusted if a teacher finds students master one letter quicker than another.  Also with the design of center activities, individual practice, and daily formative assessment; teachers are able to easily see if a student is struggling with a particular letter or skill in order to provide additional help.

The design of this alphabet project provides students a variety of fun and interesting experiences with each letter of the alphabet, as well as the essential skills to become masters of the alphabet.  With the completion of this project students will have the necessary skills to move on to becoming great readers and writers.


Tree with letters of alphabet


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