Alphabet Under Construction- Intro

 Jenna Lindner

 Subject: Reading & Language

 Grade Level: Kindergarten

 Time Frame: 45 min.



  • Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet

Topic: Introduction to the alphabet


Essential Questions:

  • What makes the alphabet?
  • What letter of the alphabet does your name begin with?


  • Students will know the alphabet is composed of 26 individual letters, each with their own name.
  • Students will know each letter of the alphabet has its own sound.
  • Students will be able to identify the letter of the alphabet that begins their name.

Instructional Materials:


Anticipatory Set: To begin the lesson and gain students interest, they will meet at the rug and each be given a pretend play tool.  The teacher will ask them what they think they can do with the tools and what they are used for.  After the students have shared their ideas the teacher will explain they are going to use the tools to build an alphabet, and introduce the story “Alphabet Under Construction” by Denise Fleming.


Instructional Procedures:

  1. The teacher will begin by reading the book “Alphabet Under Construction” by Denise Fleming, a book where a mouse who constructs the alphabet artistically in different ways.
  2. After the story is finished, the teacher will ask the student about what the mouse in the story was trying to accomplish, and what types of things he used and did to construct his alphabet.
  3. The teacher will then explain that just like the mouse used different materials and techniques to construct his alphabet, our alphabet is constructed of different letters and sounds.
  4. The students will then watch two alphabet videos, “Do You Know Your Alphabet” by Harry Kindergarten and the ABC Phonics song by The Learning Station.  The first video is a fun way for students to sing their ABC’s, the second song shows students the name and sound of each letter.
  5. After the videos, the teacher will hold up the letter stencils one at a time to see if students can name the letters, as well as raise their hand when they see the first letter of their name.



For the closure of this lesson, students will be creating their own “alphabet under construction” letters for the beginning letter of their name.  They will have a letter stencil, a piece of construction paper, and various craft materials to construct their letter however they want.  They will also be including one picture on the letter with and object that begins with that letter.  This will be a fun activity relating to the book, but also showing their knowledge of beginning letters and letter recognition in their own name.

Formative Assessment: Students will be assessed by their completion of their alphabet letter, as well as their ability to take part in the class discussion naming the letters of the alphabet.



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