Curriculum Map

Alphabet Adventure Kindergaten Curriculum Map

The curriculum map for this alphabet unit includes an introduction lesson, a lesson for each letter of the alphabet, and an end of the unit lesson.  The curriculum map is set up in alphabetical order, but can be covered in any order.  The curriculum map is divided into six sections; lesson number and duration, objectives/skills, essential question(s), common core standards, activities, and assessments.

  1. Lesson/Duration- What letter will be covered in this lesson, and how much instruction time is required.
  2. Objectives/Skills- What will students be able to do after the lesson is completed.
  3. Common Core Standards- What are the standards that correlate to the lesson.
  4. Activities- The activities students will be completing throughout the lesson in list format.
  5. Assessment- What activities the teacher will use as an assessment to check if the objectives/skills have been achieved.

Curriculum Map 690


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